Francisco Riveira

a Full Stack Web Developer based in Berlin.

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Social Network - React

Fully Functional social network: with live Chat, picture uploading, profiles, friending/unfriending, user search feature...
Created with React (Redux, Hooks, Webpack).

Imageboard - Vue.js

Single-page application inspired by Instagram where users can post an image related to classic singers, add a title and description, and comment on images.
Created with Vue.js, Handlebars, JavaScript, AWS S3, Node, Express and Postgresql.

Petition Web

Online petition where users can log in, register, update their profiles, and provide their signature, change their signature, and view a list of other supporters by theirlocation.
Created with jQuery, Handlebars, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL

Connect 4

Connect 4 game built with jQuery that allows users to increase the level of difficulty by adding extra columns / number of contiguous pieces to win.
Built with JavaScript and jQuery only!